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The Wedding of Carly and Dale

Yallingup, Western Australia

Carly and Dale Wedding by Percy O Photography

Carly and Dale Wedding by Percy O Photography


I may have mentioned before that photographs are memories made tangible. A sort of log of one’s life achievements, best (and sometimes worst) moments and images of our past. As far as Weddings is concerned, they are one of the best and most important moments you will ever get to experience. Whether as a guest or as a participant and man character, Weddings are always a topic of conversation and can bring families and friends together to enjoy a cuppa and share stories.

As a Wedding photographer I have been the participant of many wonderful love stories and my camera has photograph hundreds of glances, smiles, tears and of course kisses.

Carly and Dale will always be one of those special couples i remember with love and admiration. Their wedding day was filled with magic, full of love and romanticism, set in wonderful locations and of course two of the best main characters a photographer could ask for. All this made even more special for two reasons. Number one, Carly is a very good friend of mine. And number two, my dad was with me on that day watching me work my magic with the camera and getting to know a little bit of this country I call home. You see, it was my Dad’s first ever visit to Australia 🙂

All the images from that day are very special in many ways to many people. For both, Carly and Dale, those photos are memories of that special day when they decided to let the world know how much they love each other. For me, a memory of the day my dad got to meet and play with his grandson for the first time… and the look in his eyes watching me work for the fist time, a mix of love, pride, peace, joy…

To my dear friend Carly I will always be grateful for not only making me part of that special day and trusting me with capturing every moment of it, but also for providing me with the perfect scenario to show my dad a little snippet of my life in this wonderful place i call home…


CARLY AND DALE’S WEDDING GALLERY (click on the photo to access)

Carly and Dale Wedding by Percy O Photography

Carly and Dale Wedding by Percy O Photography


If your special day is coming and you need someone to capture the magic of the day drop us a line. I would love to sit down and have a chat with you about all things wedding 🙂


About the Author:
My name is Percy and I am a Commercial and Wedding/Portrait Photographer and a Professional Retoucher based in Melbourne Australia. I have been in the industry for almost 16 years altogether and professionally for the last eight.

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